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Then there was the time after a meeting everyone went to a bar. As we pulled up we saw a bunch of bikes belonging to a club we didn’t get along with so well. After a short while someone thumped a bar patron and thru him out the door. This had happened a month or so before at another bar and the citizen came back with a gun. So I decided to go out the back door and make sure that wasn’t going to happen again. Well out side were a few members of the other club, some words were passed and things were getting tense. One of my brothers, Lil Paul, came out to check on me and a bunch of the other clubs brothers came out behind him. Lil Paul started fighting with one of their members as I was trying to keep people off his back. Soon we were backed up against the wall of the bar, Knives and guns were being drawn. We thought we were dead, none of our brothers knew we were out there. Before anything could happen a police car came down the ally. One of the only times I was happy to see police. They told us to go back in the bar. Both clubs went to jail that night, but that police car probably save me and Lil Pauls life that night..


Past Thoughts by Navy Bill


*Pre Heathen … Road buzzards I remember the house on Hillsdale. Two bedrooms Lenny & ol lady in one Stinky & ol lady in the other Slobber sleeping in the living room. There may have been a third bedroom with Bug Eyed Mike. Wayne and his ol lady lived in a tent in the back yard.

Hopper stew from the dumpster at the market or a 50 lb sack of pinto beans when it did not dip into the beer money.

No one had much, but we were out on the town most nights.


I left the 190th street clubhouse in a hurry to find a woman at a bar… too loaded to realize it was after 2am and the bars were closed. I rear ended a camaro. The guy at the bus stop said I was doing a handstand hanging on to the handle bars with flames coming up around me. I guess I was buzzed enough to fly over the car , bounce off the hood and land on my feet without getting hurt. My shovelhead burned to the ground. For the next six days my garage was full of brothers with beer donated from a local bar. I rode that rebuilt bike to church the following Friday.


A little following on the Sweetwater arrests you talked about. They had three of us handcuffed in the back of a police car. One of the guys had to have a smoke. So with hands behind our back, two of them tried to light a smoke in the guy’s mouth. Next thing we know his beard is on fire and we are banging into each other trying to put the fire out. Luckily here was not much damage. I was one of the lucky ones that had charges filed. The police lied so much the Judge admonished them and threw all the cased out.



Crazy bob tossed the HA prospect’s ol lady out a window. Almost a war, ended up with a negotiated fist fight with Bob getting his ass kicked.



The van got stopped coming from Ojai run with all the guns and sleeping bags. I think they found Bug eyed mike under Stinky’s truck, he became Driveshaft Randy that day.


Paul picked up a girl in the oar house on his birthday, I had to hold back the bouncer until they were sure she wasn’t being kidnapped. When we got to the Venice clubhouse his old Lady was there so I took her to my house. After we played around a little she told about the guy at her hotel room she was with had hit her and took her rental car. So here I am in a Santa Monica Hotel at 3am with a .45 in my belt. luckily he was not there and I got home with no problems, but the next day she came to the clubhouse and offered half of the $500 that was in her car if someone would get the location of the car from her friend. A couple of guys (Delton ?) grabbed the guy and hung him by his ankles from a freeway overpass. He was more than happy to give up the information. I guess there wasn’t much we wouldn’t do for a couple hundred dollars and a piece of ass.



Someone broke into Rods house and stole some guns, he knew his daughters boyfriend was guilty. They caught him in a roach motel at the beach, but he did not want to give up the guns. Someone pulled a knife and cut off all of his hair, still no answer. Bob had a pair of pliers and decided to pull some teeth, that proved hard to do so he just smacked thee guys teeth with the pliers. After he lost a few teeth he was happy to give the guns back



In 1974 the gang squad was stopping everyone to document club members and take pics of their tats. No one wanted to get stopped at the “wrong” time so Vern invited the head of the gang squad over to his house an everyone posed for a group photo for him. They eased up on us after that




Chris’ Birthday

On my 21st Birthday it was 1976, I worked at Toyota Central, I was a Heathen Patch holder & I lived on a Harley Davidson. We had Church on Friday evening (our weekly Club meeting) then we got on our bikes and rode out to Whittier to meet up with the Scavengers (our brotherhood Club) we had planned a weekend outing to Palm Springs.
We partied at the Scavengers Club house for a while then we all jumped on our Harleys and took off to Palm Springs. We were on the 10 freeway about 60-70 of us riding two by two doing about 80-90 Mph. apparently the CHP. Had discovered us early on, somewhere before San Berdoo but it took them a while before they could get up enough cars to pull us over, finally just right before we were going to get off the fwy. About 10 cop cars swooped down on us there were cops and Harleys flying around in all directions they singled me out and I just pulled over.
Some of the other guys got away and went to our next scheduled stop, amazingly the cops didn’t really give out a lot of tickets, and of course I did get a ticket. My motorcycle was a Hand built Harley chopper the engine was a 68, the front end was from a 1930 VL and the frame was a 1949 cradle frame, at that time they really scrutinized Harleys for stolen parts and it was difficult for them to accept that three decades of parts would fit together to make one bike. So after checking my bike thoroughly they settled for writing me up for no front brake, in those days you didn’t have to run a front brake but they had to get me for something! They finally let me go and I met up with the rest or the guys at the gas station right before the aerial tramway to San Jacinto mtn. We all got together again and went to our final destination in Palm Springs.
There was an old hard core biker named Palm Springs Jim, several of our senior members knew him from the old days, I think he was originally from Venice because Grinch & Insane Wayne were really tight with him. This guy had a Villa out in the middle of nowhere (Palm Springs was a fairly remote area at that time) it had a huge long adobe building (probably from the 1800s) it was very beautiful, like an oasis in the badlands and amazingly big enough to accommodate all of us, there were also some outbuildings to keep our bikes in like a giant garage.
That next morning was Saturday and the day of my Birthday, now in this crowd you didn’t want to broadcast that it was you’re birthday because it would increase an already ridiculous level of partying, but somehow (THEY) found out, and it was on!
I don’t remember what we had to eat but we did have something, then we started having beers in the morning I have pictures somewhere. We partied all day at Jim’s compound then we all took a ride around the desert and ended up at some bar in the middle of nowhere. It was really spectacular at that time of the year in the desert, it was the middle of winter and I don’t remember it being cold. We came back to the compound and had a little siesta.
That evening there were some friends just happened to be throwing a wild party with a live band and a huge bonfire right next to Jim’s place so we loaded up on beer, booze and whatever and headed out to the hippie party. When they found out it was my birthday everyone was so cool to me, the band let me get up an jam a couple of songs, we just had a great time, of course some things got a little out of hand and some furniture ended up in the bonfire and a few other stupid things like that but not bad for a Hippie & Biker get together. We got up the next day and hobbled home. At that time I would have these weekend outings and going to work the next Monday was difficult to say the least.
My memories of this ancient time in California are starting to fade, but if I dig deep I can retrieve them, this time of my life was magical and we didn’t seem to have a worry in the world. We even had a great deal of respect from the citizens and cops nowadays people are so afraid (even the cops) they’re dangerous.



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