Heathens MF



The new decade of the 70's  had just started leaving the 60's behind. The place was Venice Beach California and the what was then known as a subculture(bikers) was exploding in Southern California.
 The Vietnam war was ending and our fighting men were coming home with a distinctly different attitude than what they had when they left. Long hair, psychadelic drugs and music, Harley Davidson motorcycles and smokin hot women around the beach areas. What more could you ask for? Brothers!
A couple of Buddies started riding together everyday and then 2 became 4 and 10 began 22. That was the magic number for some reason, those original 22 members decided to come together not just like a club but more like a FAMILY.

Since they had been riding together and were all from the beach area, whenever they rode over to the valley the local bar patrons were known to say as they arrived "here come those HEATHENS from Venice!!" Needless to say the name stuck, artwork was adopted and the original charter was drafted. Thus the original 22 founding Brothers now known as CHARTER 22!! Founded the  HEATHENS MF  in Venice Beach California, Labor day weekend 1973.

THE 70'S

The 70's were wide open! The families numbers were growing adding more members and more chapters. Now there were chapters in Venice, South bay, a club house in Inglewood etc.

THE 80's

More Brothers and chapters in Carson City NV as well as Santa Maria. But things were about to change just as the decade had!

The 80’s and 90’s brought a whole new vocabulary to the Family or maybe just a new understanding of certain Acronyms like OCE(Organized Criminal Enterprise) , OMG(Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) , CI (Confidential Informant),Gang Taskforce, Indictment and of course RICO(Racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations). We tried to tell the investigators that we could hardly organize a beer run much less a criminal enterprise!! But alas they simply did not believe us.

After being listed under organized crime the family came under the watchful eye of what seemed like any agency that carried a badge from the local county boys to the Feds!! !!!

All of this unwanted attention brought absolute turmoil to the family and it had a definite effect. What the law could not do, we did. We started tearing ourselves apart from the inside out. Brother against Brother and a lack of trust brought us almost to the brink of non existence.

Then in the 21st century five brothers got together and decided to return the Family to our beginnings and the reasons the original 22 members started the Family. A love for riding our motorcycles. A love for our Family Brothers and an undying love of partying with our Family and friends. This philosophy is Family wide and new or Prospective members must also share this feeling, first and foremost.

Today as we approach our 40th Anniversary. We are proud to say our Patch is still on the streets and can be found from the West Coast to the Rocky Mountains down to the open plains of the Midwest. The Family is alive and well and growing as always a Brother at a time.

Some changes have occurred over the years. We no longer run a territorial bottom rocker. Our bottom rocker simply states “EST. 1973” Brothers either run a Chapter or Nomad side rocker. We have now have bylaws against any Family member having anything to do with any alleged illegal activities.

The Family is 100% neutral. We have no interest in any other club or families business or fussing over territory. We have simply had to watch too many Brothers be buried or sent to prison over stupid shit thru the years. This does not mean that we will be disrespected etc.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our Family in this condensed version and for those of you that consider yourselves friends of the Family, Known Associates or just the usual suspects. We hope that you will be able to join us for our 40th anniversary celebration. That is if we can get it organized.